New-Skin® Liquid Bandage was invented around 1900, and first trademarked in January 1901.

Believe it or not, New-Skin® products have been protecting cuts and scrapes for over 100 years!

We'd love to hear your story on how you use New-Skin® or how it's been a part of your first aid regimen.

I ran the NYC Marathon yesterday, and before I ran I used New Skin on my right foot where I've had blisters before. Luckily, I had no blisters on my right foot, but all over my left where I hadn't put the New Skin! Now I know for next time! This product definitely works though!
Katherine Alvarez
Westport, CT
I "HAVE TO" use liquid bandage because I am allergic to the adhesive in regular bandages and in my trade I get a LOT of cuts, scrapes and burns. This allows me to make the first aid treatment quickly and then return to work without the hindrance of a bandage that would get wet, torn or dirty. This stuff is great.
Richard Drennan
Stockton, CA
About 6 years ago, I was cutting cheese with a knife when I was about 12 and it went bad quickly. My mom had just bought a bottle of New Skin brush on, so I gave it a try, didn't hurt at all and it healed in about 4 days. Deepest cut and the fastest heal ever. I would gladly use it again.
Dominic Iachini
Vero Beach, FL
I am a salon stylist and I am constantly cutting my thumb with my scissors when cutting hair and I use new skin on a daily basis on my thumb and it keeps it clean and germ free and keeps it from getting infected. I am very grateful for your product.
Gwinna Marks
Wooster, OH

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